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A bit of a follow-up on D-Aspartic Acid profile

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 06:08 PM

Well, here's the story on testosterone peeps.

Testosterone is made by the testes, it increases fat burning and all that fancy stuff, but where does it go?

Yes, from testosterone to one of two major groups: DHT or estrogen.

DHT has been linked to hair loss, more estrogen means less testosterone.

Free testosterone is what we WANT. The more we have, the more benefits we'll see. There is a chemical called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) that, well basically, it renders the free testosterone useless.

For test-to-estrogen see my previous article. (Zinc Gluconate (and ONLY gluconate, as I added today in the other thread, I forgot to mention the reason for the gluconate need, but here it is again. Zinc supplements have cadmium (the stuff found in batteries), and gluconate has little compared to those like citrate), and Grape Seed Extract, for the lazy ones). For sides, zinc gluconate can result in nausea, depending on brand. Grape Seed Extract has 0 side effects you don't want.

More testosterone: Diindolylmethane/mucuna pruriens(/musuna dopa)/D-Aspartic Acid, all 100% natural, DIM and Maca have extremely remote cases of hair loss, DAA results in higher aromatase (see previous article) thus you want to take an aromatase inhibitor (thus why you want to take the ones right before this).

DHT: You can only do this by doing both of the above.

Less SHGB: Muira Puama. And/or Stinging Nettle. No sides that I know of for either.

I've been on Grape Seed Extract and Zinc Gluconate for a good 3 months, no side effects.

If you want to know my dosage thus far:

I take 120 mg Grape Seed Extract 3 times a day. Once in the morning, some time in the day when I remember to, and right before bed. Zinc Gluconate is right before bed, 50 mg. I don't intend on getting a test or e check any time soon, once I'm 40 heck yeah, men have more estrogen than women at that age, I'll probably throw in some DIM for the test. Again, I only go with natural products, as running a cycle then a post cycle therapy is a contradiction in itsef, you wouldn't need PCT if the cycle was healthy! Sure you get faster results, but at what cost?

Anyway, now I'm just rambling, that does it for this article.

Grape Seed Extract: 600 mg (200 3 times a day) RESULT: Anti-aromatase
Zinc Gluconate: 50 mg at night RESULT: Slight increase in free test due to anti-aromatase actions
DIM: 300 MG RESULT: More free test, more "good" estrogen, better test-to-estrogen ratio
Mucuna: 300-600 MG RESULT: More free test, less aromatase
D-Asparatic Acid: No more than 4 grams RESULT: More test (make sure to take an anti-aromatase)
Muira Puama: Make sure to get capsules 500-1000mg RESULT: LESS SHBG
Stinging Nettle: 250-500mg RESULT: LESS SHBG

A high cholesterol (Try and keep it under 5,000mg a day, this means you can have up to 22 eggs, haha, but don't get it all from one source, chicken is higher than beef in cholesterol ounce-for-ounce), high fat, high protein, low carb diet is the way to go for upping testosterone. A 36-48 refeed should be done every 8 days MAXIMUM. This is a bit of a modified CKD. But I have a trainer who is massive who has been doing this for years (I don't personally do it, I have 48 hour refeeds every 5 days), and he's the youngest guy there. You see, fats and cholesterol are ridiculously good for you. If you want to know his ratios: First 6 days: 80% fat, no more than 2% carbs, the rest being protein. (he's eating 6,000 calories a day basically no matter what). 60/5/35 the 7th day. Refeeds consist of basically everything I told you: Spaghetti, bread, rice, bagels for the first 36 hours. If he goes for a 48 hour refeed he does eats tons of organic candy. Then repeats this process. I personally like my way, but when push comes to shove, we're both doing a similar process.

Fast food is prohibited, even during refeeds. Candies allowed (though they may be high in fat for a refeed, pick carefully)

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