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OFFICIAL Favorite Bands Thread

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#16 Slayzie



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Posted 16 September 2007 - 01:30 AM

Green Day
Linkin Park
Planet Shakers
Eskimo Joe

#17 Mega Grumpig

Mega Grumpig


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Posted 17 September 2007 - 11:55 PM

Haha, I was really expecting you to put Slayer.... since that's your name... not a metal fan then?

#18 Slayzie



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Posted 18 September 2007 - 01:12 AM


I am indeed a metal fan. Although I don't really like Slayer that much.

#19 Menelaus



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Posted 18 September 2007 - 04:31 PM

Here are some of my favorites. The list is in no particular order.

-Frank Sinatra
-Blue Oyster Cult
-Earth, Wind, and Fire
-Dave Matthew's Band
-The Beatles
-Ben Folds
-Matchbox 20
-My Chemical Romance
-John Williams
-Gustav Holst

#20 Big Wario

Big Wario

    I am the Spar-tan.

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Posted 09 October 2007 - 05:15 PM

1) Fall Out Boy
2) Green Day
3) Michael Buble
4) Reliant K
5) Bloc Party
6) Circle Jerks
7) The Doors
8) Frank Sinatra
9) Linkin Park
10) Ludacris

#21 Phaeon



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Posted 09 October 2007 - 07:16 PM

Queen, Styx, Boston, Toto, Black Mages, David Arkenstone, um... yeah, mosty that.

#22 Kelsey



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Posted 10 October 2007 - 01:20 AM

Man, looks like I have some completely different tastes than you guys...

In no real order:
3 Doors Down
The Black Mages
Celtic Woman (... What?)
Matchbox 20
Bob Marley and the Wailers

I really like a few of Nickelback's songs and there's a couple by Sum 41 I really like, but I wouldn't say they're in my favorites. Same with Fall Out Boy and Green Day. I listen to some of Bush's stuff... And when I say that, I mean the first verse of Machinehead is played three times every hockey game, so I don't know if that counts... I'm also the only non-stoner person I know that listens to Bob Marley on a regular basis. Blame family vacations for that one, because if we'd never gone to Jamaica.

Creed and Blink 182 would've been up there years ago but I don't listen to any of those CDs much anymore.

Either way, 95 percent of my music on my iPod is off of some video game.

Man, that reminds me... I need to get a couple new CDs, I haven't bought a new one in months... (Note to self: Find a Flogging Molly CD, which I've heard great things about. And then get a Matchbox 20 CD. But first get money.)



    Mew is the best pokemon evar!

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Posted 28 December 2007 - 11:17 AM

In no particular order.

Breaking Benjamin
Maroon 5
Sean Kingston
Against Me!
The Fratellis
Jack Johnson

#24 Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker
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Posted 14 April 2008 - 02:13 AM

-The Ataris
-Iron Maiden
-Type O Negative
-Daft Punk
-Cradle Of Filth

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#25 Master Lucario

Master Lucario

    Feel the Aura...

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Posted 16 May 2008 - 11:20 AM

- Dragonforce
- Children of Bodom
- Slayer
- Motorhead
- Rage Against The Machine
- Audioslave
- Sum 41
- System of a Down
- Van Halen
- Metallica
- Nirvana
- Ozzy Osbourne
- Level 42
- Daft Punk
- Gorillaz

And that's about it... :3

Edited by Master Lucario, 16 May 2008 - 11:21 AM.

#26 Kelsey



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Posted 19 May 2008 - 01:34 PM

Updated my list. And I still have different tastes than everyone else here. XD.gif

~ 3 Doors Down
~ Seether
~ Bob Marley
~ Alter Bridge (saw them last night at Rock on the Range, too. For me, it would be worthwhile picking up a CD of theirs.)
~ Papa Roach (they're not like what I'd usually listen to, but they're my new gods.)
~ Daughtry
~ Bon Jovi
~ Matchbox 20

#27 Frau



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Posted 19 May 2008 - 06:37 PM

I'm gonna update mine, so here we go...

-Fall Out Boy
-Jack's Mannequin
-Something Corporate
-Dashboard Confessional
-New Found Glory
-Taking Back Sunday
-My Chemical Romance
-Saves the Day
-Say Anything
-Panic at the Disco
-The Academy Is...
-All Time Low

#28 Zephyr



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Posted 09 July 2008 - 09:53 AM

In pedantic alphabetical order:

Linkin Park
System of a Down

And, if I could find the music, Slipknot, Korn and maybe Papa roach would be on there. Maybe.

#29 Xltd



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Posted 09 July 2008 - 11:08 AM

Suicide Silence
Mozart Season
A Skylit Drive
The Boy Will Drown
This Will Destroy You
Atmoshpere )\
Immortal Technique )- Underground Hiphop, the only good kind
Jedi Mind Tricks )/
A Day To Remember
Rose Funeral
With Blood Comes Cleansing
Bring Me The Horizon

#30 Pope Yvarg

Pope Yvarg


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Posted 10 July 2008 - 02:25 AM

I might as well update my list seeing as a few others are doing it and I've nothing better to do.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Diablo Swing Orchestra
King Crimson
Lemon Jelly
Pink Floyd

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