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Oh wow

06 October 2018 - 09:33 AM

Wow, hey, its been a second, KG.

Every so often I think about this spot and what it did for me in my awkward teenhood. Im glad it still occupies such a positive space in my brain. ♥

I went out and fully soaked up the whole being a furry thing and ended up as a somewhat prominent artist in the fandom! In fact, Im completely making my living off of art and art alone. Its one heck of a living.

Im also in the process of transitioning, which is a whole dang thing. You can call me Miss Zelda=GR8! now.

It may not be what youd carve out for your slice of happiness, but I always love knowing that people went off and found their happiness, even if its someplace a little strange.

Oh and I have way too many houseplants now.

Hit me up on Twitter!! Its very NSFW, but Im @Glopossum over there!

Be good ♥