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I suppose you could term this a "return".

21 May 2011 - 01:56 AM

I don't expect people to remember me.

I was randomly searching my (real) name on Google because I was bored and wanted to see what would come up, and lo and behold, I came across the old Kakariko Graveyard that went defunct during 2007. I wandered through there, and I distinctly recalled memories from that time. I can't seem to fill in all the empty spaces - all I know for sure is that I used this exact same display name then, and that it seems I was active for about a year (2004-2005). But evidence and memory seems to tell me more.

My first topic on the board mentioned how everybody was moving to the new board, i.e. Kakariko Graveyard. According to my own words, I was a migrant from another board called Forest Haven. The replies were in the positive - that yes, things have moved, but that I would find most of the people I knew in Forest Haven in the "new" place. Alas, KG's moved again since my (very) extended absence.

I've changed a lot since then. I honestly probably don't remember most of you either. But I thought it would be a very interesting experience to throw myself back into a current version of a portion of my past, a portion I recall enjoying. But if you don't remember me, no hard feelings.

The least I can do is say hi. So, hi! Perhaps those who wouldn't mind could fill me in on the details of the history of this board, as I've been gone for quite a while. :sweatdrop:

(I simply hope that I'm not intruding on what seems to have become a well-developed, close community by being out of the loop for years and not forming the same memories and friendships many of you have along the way.)