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Christmas Gifts

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#1 Remorse


    Ok, who let the enermy in our base?

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Posted 24 December 2009 - 06:02 PM

So what did everybody get?

I got:
  • -$500(need to save up for schoolies, though, might get a dsi when they become cheap)
  • -New wifi dongle(old modified nintendo one was dying), finally get a proper connection for 24mb/s for my pc.
  • -356 Calender(changes every day)
  • - Fair amount of chocolates.
  • -Wii motion plus(brother got resort Wii sport resorts)

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#2 Haku


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Posted 24 December 2009 - 08:54 PM

*Inserts comments about the commercialism behind this season* RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

I haven't received anything yet, but I have finished all my Christmas shopping! Here's what I'm giving:

Dad: Nice Dress Belt
Stepmom: Fluffy house shoes
Brother #1: Psychedelic alarm clock
Brother #2: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game of the Year Edition) (PS3)
Brother #3: Scribblenauts
Sister: Fake iPhones for texting.
Stepbrother: BioShock/The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion combo pack (PC)
Mom: Money
Grandparents: Cracker Barrel $20 gift card

I'll post what I got in a few days.

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#3 Davidius



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Posted 25 December 2009 - 04:00 AM

I wouldn't feel right opening the presents until other people were up.

Only had €90 to spend on presents this year, I should look into getting a job. Anyhow, my dad, sister and mammy all got books from me. Eldest brother got a football, other brother got a set of headphones. Twin got a mousemat and headset, eldest sister got some expensive piece of clothing between three of us.

My cats got to sleep on my bed and wake me up too early so now I get to wait until everybody else wakes up.

Spirit Tracks and some rug jumpsuit thingy from the parents.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii from the twin.
Left 4 Dead 2 from my sisters.
Some card game gag present from my brother.
A stocking with a mini-box of Coco Pops, a chocolate Santa, socks and shower gel.
€10 from my grandmother. :D

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#4 Hanz


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Posted 25 December 2009 - 10:06 AM

So far:

Mom/Dad - Imperial ARC-170 Starfighter
Sister - $20 gift card
Brother - $20 gift card
<3 - Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber

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#5 Linkmaster30000


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Posted 25 December 2009 - 12:03 PM

So far:
  • From the Orchestra, I got a card and a huge box of chocolates (there was another layer of them under the first, and it made me very happy to discover that after I thought I was already done with them)
  • From the Bands, I got a school t-shirt (a little small for my taste, but not bad), an off the wall calendar entitled "Music or Crap?", and another card
  • One student got me a couple of ornaments - a tuba and a sousaphone
  • Another student got me a very nice picture frame
  • My loving future nephews gave me coal in a nice package (Amy and her mother got the same)
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption from Amy
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story from my uncle
  • An off-the-wall calendar from my aunt
  • Unbreakable by Scorpions, Counterparts by Rush, and a Computer Camera from Phaeon
  • Christmas Pan Pipes by David Arkenstone, a digital camera, a cribbage board, and candy from my parents
  • Lots of money from relatives

I used some of the money to get:
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks with a hardcover Collector's Edition Strategy Guide (it's pretty)
  • Donkey Kong Country for GBA
  • Donkey Kong Country 2 for GBA

So yeah. That's pretty much the end.

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#6 Frau



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Posted 25 December 2009 - 12:51 PM

Aunt and Unc;e 1:
A Joker t-shirt

Aunt and Uncle 2:
Weird Dragon things...Sconces or something. Haha.

Grandpa 1:

Grandpa 2:
$100, every penny of which I spent of Christmas gifts for my friends and little brother.

Mom and Dad:
Inglourious Basterds
Paper Heart
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
4 Threadless T-shirts
New shoes
120 GB iPod classic. FINALLY NEW iPOD! My old iPod was a first generation...I love it but it was 20 GB and I need more room.

This year was more about giving for me. I felt awesome spending all my Christmas money on my friends and I'm really excited to give them their gifts.

#7 Blacktail



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Posted 25 December 2009 - 06:39 PM

I have yet to do any gifts from my dad's side of the family, so there should be more coming when we all can get together with them.

Batman Arkham Asylum (PC)
Wolfenstein (PC)
Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)
Superman Tshirt
HP Wireless printer

#8 Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 08:52 PM

Resident Evil-The Darkside Chronicles
Studded cuff
500GB External hard drive
Tons of art supplies
-Canvas boards
-water color paint

Robot Chicken Season 2

#9 Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker
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Posted 25 December 2009 - 11:22 PM

$200 in checks
PS3 with:
-Uncharted 1 & 2
-Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
-Little Big Planet
-God of War Collection
Xbox 360 120GB hard drive
Candy/clothes/ornaments (I think we have enough already...)

#10 (Insert)


    Dr McCaptain Brackets

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Posted 26 December 2009 - 07:33 AM

I got a new laptop. You can expect I'm very happy about that lol.

#11 Haku


    If there were to be two omniscience's, I would be both!

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Posted 26 December 2009 - 10:42 AM

So far...

~The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS)
~Demon's Souls (PS3)
~New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii)
~Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360)
~Electric Razor
~Clothes and a beanie
~HDMI Cable
~Cell Phone Car Charger

~Backlit gaming keyboard
~Axe Body Wash and bodyspray

~Peace Incense Burner

Yeah, great Christmas! ^_^

#12 Mega Grumpig

Mega Grumpig


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Posted 27 December 2009 - 02:40 PM

-new clothes (i really needed them, trust me).

-the new mario game for the wii whose name i can't remember exactly because it didn't have any zazz too it (although the game is definitely fun).

-a set of watercolors since my dad threw out my old set... which is fine because they were only okay.

-an IOU for a new camcorder. i would have gotten it for christmas but i was given such a limited budget on picking, and i'm taking some extra time to make sure i get my parents a good deal.

-a new wall clock, because i've had my current one since i was a little kid...

-an IOU for a new longboard (i didn't think my parents would actually be willing to buy it since i won't have any use for it until college, but hot damn i'm getting a sick one)
just got it today... what a beaut!
Posted Image
except now i don't think i'm getting a camera.

-The Orange Box, which i was going to buy myself but again, shockingly, at the last minute my mom agree to pay for it for me... maybe my dad's the one who won't spend money? ha....

-a 25$ and 15$ gift card to borders (perfect because of all the books i was wanting this year)

-$50 to pacsun

-25$ to jamba juice (i only get drinks there to fill the gap in my heart that fruit frizz made when it left me D':)

and i think that's about it.

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#13 Spritek


    someone...somewhere...is pushing buttons

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Posted 28 December 2009 - 03:31 AM

I gooooooot:

A new Wacom Tablet (Which is two-touch. no mouse for me. Let's see how it does with Half-Life)
A bag of M&Ms (from...I forgot)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Don't like it...keeping it anyway.)
Half-Life 2 Complete (via Steam, thus completes my Orange Box)
Noise-Cancelling headphones (for noisy buses and noisy brothers.)
$50 iTunes card (best gift ever. =D)
$75 US Dollars (It was supposed to be at least a hundred from my relatives...damn currency exchange rate.)
A fashionable scarf (from Japan...=D)
Cooking utensils (from my mum...something tells me she wants me to move out. =P)
(no worries, I plan to.)

#14 Ataraxia


    ✽ ✾ ✿ ❁ ❃ ❋ ❀

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Posted 28 December 2009 - 03:37 AM

Two art history textbooks! :3
An anatomy book, for drawing of course.
Two sketchbooks!
New Super Mario Bros Wii (Fantastic!)
Record Player :3
Lovely scarf from my relatives over in Switzerland!
University of Colorado Hat (Now I have to get in)
$50 to Best Buy (With which I got District 9, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Fallout 3 (GotY Edition))
$50 cash (With which I got Wanderlust (Björk) on vinyl, and a fantastic lion shirt)
$50 to a local movie theater.
And I just recently ordered Fall Be Kind (Animal Collective) on vinyl with whatever money I had left. :D

Great year! The textbooks should keep me busy this next summer. :D

#15 Pope Yvarg

Pope Yvarg


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Posted 28 December 2009 - 03:53 AM

I got:

- Cash from relatives
- "In a Flesh Aquarium" by Unexpect
- "Origin of Symmetry" by Muse
- "The Divinity of Oceans" by Ahab
- A book on repairing and setting up string basses
- A book on the recording industry
- A book of guitar chords
- A massive cd set of Bach's compositions
- Lots of random bits of candy and miscellaneous stuff
- A Pink Floyd shirt
- A Zelda shirt

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