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Metroid Prime: Federation Force

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Posted 17 June 2015 - 06:37 PM

As a Metroid fan, I was pretty disappointed by the initial trailer for this game. A multiplayer soccer/shooter-hybrid with no Samus, and possibly no single-player mode. It also had the look of Metroid Prime: Hunters, which many of you know I barely tolerated as a single-player experience. The controls were admittedly part of it; the stylus controls were awkward and uncomfortable. I'm not opposed to stylus controls - Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks did a great job with them, but that's because the action was taking place on the touch screen. MP:H had the action on the upper screen, while every command had to be done on the touch screen. It just wasn't well-designed, in my opinion.

It appears, however, that there are some new developments to appease the rabid Metroid fans who literally started a petition to cancel the game (I mean, yeah, it's not what people were hoping for, but really? They probably would've done this for the first Metroid Prime, too, if the technology was available).

The good news: Samus and Metroids will appear in the game, and there will be a single-player mode. There also won't be any scanning in this game, which I have a mixed view on. I liked being able to scan things and learn more about the world, but it was also kind of annoying during boss fights.

At this point, I'm mostly hoping the story is decent, the bosses aren't recycled a bunch, and the controls are at least comfortable (read: not the same as Hunters). If those three criteria are met, I'll be happy with the result, even if I don't play much of the multiplayer (which I will at least try; I don't want to dismiss it right away).

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Posted 17 June 2015 - 08:43 PM

Feel the same as your last paragraph; I want a good story (the point of the game seems to be world building... so weird that scanning is out), and no reused bosses and eh controls, which were my two big issues with Hunters (which had a really cool concept but just got bogged down by crap).


I did not see those new developments, so that's cool. :3  I am cautiously optimistic about the game.

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